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Rituals for
Rooted Motherhood

The Energetics of Postpartum Integration

Workshop with Nicole Parker, The Seed of Joy
September 18, 2022   |   4 PM PST

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Birth Is A Journey Across the Veil

Image by Alexander Grey

If you have given birth, or witnessed another woman travel through the birth portal, you know the power and magic that birth can offer. 

It is said that
 birthing mothers leaves their bodies and go to the stars to collect the souls of their babies, then they return together. The transitional stage of birth is, perhaps the time we witness this energetic disembodiment best, as the body shakes and quivers under the rapid changes and the primal brain consumes the birth process in full mammalian instinct. From this point on, in a physiologic birth, the mother may appear to be in a trance-like state that dissipates as her baby emerges, and she crosses back through the veil into the Earth realm.

Birth is an extraordinary journey that transforms us all, each time we cross the veil. It is a teacher that cracks us open, exposing the deepest, most authentic parts of ourselves, laying a foundation for us to Mother in power, with confidence, intuition and the innate rhythms that our bodies and babies thrive on. This openness persists for weeks following birth, as we descend from the energetic veil and return to an embodied state.


Supporting Postpartum Descent with Conscious Ritual

Postpartum, the time after birth, is a unique time of transition. The birth portal is slowwwwly closing and a mother continues to gestate her baby externally over the next year. The softness this time requires can be supported by honoring the energetic needs of the motherbaby dyad with stability and presence.

Cociously infusing simple rituals into the early postpartum window offers a sturdy pathway for integrating the extraordinary shifts that unfolded during birth, and builds self-trust through facilitating a celebration of the many micromilestones that occur over these fleeting weeks. 


Image by M.T ElGassier

Rituals for
Rooted Motherhood

We warmly welcome you to join us with traditional birth witness, postpartum keeper and embodied motherhood guide Nicole Parker, The Seed of Joy, to tune into the energetics of postpartum integration and cultivate your own rituals for rooted motherhood. 

In this live webinar, we will be exploring commonly recognized birthtime rituals, their effects on the motherbaby, and the call to reclaim intuitively enriched rituals for ourselves as the matriarchs of our families so that you can tap into your center and create (or recreate) ceremony around your own births, and step into your fullness as an integrated, embodied Mother.

Your $25 Investment Includes:

Access to the live workshop, where you will explore the power of ritual in mother-centered community
Live Q & A , for intimate support and exploration with Nicole, Lynnea & Diana

The Recording of the entire event, sent directly to your inbox

The Guided Rituals PDF for you to lean on as you settle into your own rooted ritual practices.

Unique opportunities for private support and longlasting community


Meet Nicole


Nicole is a traditional birth witness, postpartum keeper, and embodied motherhood guide and mother of three. Nicole's magnetic passion for subtle energetic relationships, harmony and integrative connection offers a pure and unique perspective for mothers and fellow birthkeepers to learn and grow from. 

Connect with Nicole and learn more about her work at her website or on Instagram @theseedofjoy_.

Tune into Nicole's episode on the Healing Birth podcast: 
Channeling the Cosmos | Nicole's Three Birth Stories


Nicole Parker, The Seed of Joy

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