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Summer Solstice Circle
Wakefield MI

Suggested Donation: $15

About Goddess Rising

About Goddess Rising

Circle is more than a place to "hang out."

It is a sacred, ceremonial space for holding one another through deep reflection and  transformation. 

This is deep work.

Circle opens and connects us,

revealing a new layer of self awareness that we can step into.

Goddess Rising is a series of seasonal women's circles where we intuitively pair seasonal & elemental wisdom with astrologic insights to reflect on the qualities present in each phase of your life.  

This is a women-only space of storytelling, of freedom, and of community.


Women of all ages and life paths are welcome.

What You Can Expect

No two circles are exactly alike.  The energy shifts with the presence of each person, the season we are in, the intentions we hold, and the elements with us.

These things remain consistent:


Greetings & Opening

Exploration of the Elements

Astrologic Reflections

Conscious Sharing & Listening 

Closing & Thanks

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Circle Schedule

Hi, I'm Lynnea

  • Leo- Virgo-Scorpian

  • Nurse by Trade, Intuitive Healer by Heart

  • Birthkeeper & Postpartum Sister supporting mothers in the Gogebic County, MI - Northwoods WI area and all women virtually

  • Author of the Healing Birth Blog and A Beginner's Guide to Fertility Awareness

  • Lover of Learning & Unlearning, Nature & Reflection

  • Mother of Two 

  • Host of Goddess Rising Women's Circles


Circle Agreements & Self Care


The following agreements are the keys to maintaining safety and trust within the circle. Think of it like we are each a link in a sacred, timeless chain.

Each participant who reads and commits to upholding these agreements becomes an integral part of the container in which she and the women around her can fully express herself. 

These circle agreements are: 

Confidentiality & Conscious Communication

Nonjudgment, Consented Advice

Time Consciousness

Consented Touch

Awareness and Responsibility of one's own Triggers

Self Care After Circle After Circle.png

When we close circle, we are breaking the connective boundary that held the energy and emotions present in the circle space. You can think of this like a vase filling with water, then the vase breaks and the water instantly turns to vapor.  It is normal, and healthy even, to feel a sense of openness and vulnerability for several days after joining in circle. 


These tools and daily rituals can help you reground yourself and protect your personal energy as you reintegrate back into your daily hustle and bustle. 

At A Glance: 

Stay fed & hydrated

Feel Your Feelings & Your Strength

Welcome Warmth & Love

Breath, Rest, Release

The Story
Forest Trees

The Story

It's Spring of 2014. I'm 20, living in near my hometown, and navigating the early postpartum weeks after my first baby. I started a new job only days after giving birth - and my partner works full time. My family is near enough to visit, but they're also navigating their own lives, as are my friends. 


I learn very quickly that the art of caring for new mothers has been lost over the generations, and beyond that - there were no intentional spaces for women and mothers to get together, share stories, support each other and be a village for one another.

I rode these waters throughout the first two years of early motherhood, discovering how deeply I craved the community of others. I hadn't had any friends who were mothers, and becoming a mother myself highlighted some ancestral wounds that I would carry the determination to heal. Long story short: I had my work cut out for me, and I knew that the best ( & perhaps only) way to be who I needed to be as a mother and for myself was through establishing roots in women-centered community.

It's now 2016. I recently birthed my second baby, having tasted the sweet, sweet flavor of sovereignty in motherhood & womanhood - paired with the cultural container of "can't."

 You can hear my story here.


This was the catalyst that brought me to stepping up, taking the initiative to create what nobody else had.  Over the years, I had spent time listening to other mother's birth stories, and what I had collected from that was the collective need for more mother led support, a space to feel free to feel, to speak truth, and to not be told what to do.

I paired up with one of these moms, and together we hosted Women's Circles under the name "Mama Tuki." Tuki is a finnish word for support, reflective of the dense finnish population in our Michigan U.P. community, which felt perfect for my new destination of offering birth & motherhood support. We offered these circles monthly for a few years pre-"covid era" and dissolved the organization in 2018, when I stepped into working independently.

Now it's autumn of 2021, the community is fully reopened, & I host women's circles again.

I hope to see you at the next one! 


Additional Offerings

Additional Offerings
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