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Healing in Community

A Global Platform for Healing Birth Trauma -- Together.


Our Private Membership is Here!


When we first created Healing Birth in 2018, we we ran a support group on Facebook of over 200 women committed to healing their birth stories through holding space for  and learning from each other's stories.  We have been dreaming of recreating this space for vulnerability and exploration on a platform that felt more private and conscious.  


We KNOW the magic of women coming together in community, so we created a private membership space in Mighty Networks for you to: 

  • Connect more intimately with Diana, Lynnea & a community of women who understand birth trauma & the sacredness of birth

  • Explore & ask questions about all things birth, postpartum and healing from birth trauma

  • Share and process your birth story, desires and fears in community in a group setting

Healing Birth Private Membership Community on Patreon. Healing Birth Podcast. Healing Birth Trauma









Supporting on Patreon is a great way to show your support for the podcast - and helps us create more free resources for you!

Plus. . . 

When you support us on Patreon, you unlock: 

  • Access to our online resource library,

  • Juicy bonus podcast episodes,

  • Digital products included for free,

  • Exclusive discounts on private services, &

  • Membership to our private online community in Mighty Networks for All-Access and VIP Patrons.

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