Healing with the Elements | Air


Wispy, Whimsy, Playful

Toussels in your hair

Brushes gently on your face

to let you know she's there.

She is the breath inside you,

which you receive and also give.

The vital force

which connects us all

from whether we're here or there.

Air is all around us. It is within us. It presses against us, sweeps our skin, fills our heartspace with the essence of life. It's quick, mobile, cold, clear, rough, and dry qualities represent change, which is everpresent in our lives and the world around us.

Major transitions in our lives, like giving birth, are marked by a naturally heightened state of the air element. Air teaches us to move on, following the journey of life, whereever that may be - to heal through embracing change.

Moving on doesn't equate to forgetting. When we reminisce on, or perhaps even feel stuck in our birth stories, the air element brings mobility and lightness to any heaviness or stagnation we feel throughout our body so that the we can then assimilate and release it little by little - settling into a new flow within our selves and within our family structure.

Connect with Air

  • Breathe, Open your Heart..

  • Move your body.

  • Enjoy aerial herbs: Chamomile, chickweed, peppermint

  • Build trust in the unknown; Practice Surrender.


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