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Solar Eclipse


ILLUMINOUS is a 5-part conscious shadow work immersion, experienced through elemental play and relationship building with the divine energies within you.


Birth has a magically unique way of excavating your deepest consciousness. It can come as a bit of a surprise, and consequently increase your emotional workload during birth and postpartum.

This immersrion is for pregnant and called-to-be pregnant women who are ready to celebrate their cosmic brilliance and harness the unique gifts birth has to offer. 





 & You Want To

> Revolutionize the way you plan for birth and postpartum, 

> Stand in your power during pregnancy & beyond,

> Get closer to your body,

> Strengthen your intuitive connection, &

> Ease your postpartum healing 

The best part? The benefits are eternal.


TOGETHER WE WILL spend 5 weeks exploring and unpacking your inner child, ancestral, social, and spiritual impressions to BRING YOU:


Tangible Groundedness and Stability

Deeper Emotional, Creative Access

Enhanced Awareness of Your Desire

Radical Self Love & Compassion

Strength in Voice

Intuitive Clarity &

Increased Energetic Threshold

So you can be fully present to receive joy, stand in your power, and harness the elemental virtues to aid you through every rebirth you'll ever have!

5 week immersion

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