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Hosted by Lynnea Laessig and Diana Forsell Tayan, these seasonal Postpartum Women's Circles workshops are here to help You connect with other mothers while deepening Your connection with the universe and the power that You hold.  
We're Talking:
  • Heart to Heart
  • Mother to Mother Listening 
  • Exploration of How Our Inner Seasons Mirror the Season Happening Around Us.
  • Creating Ritual for This Season of Our Lives with Elemental Awareness
Each Event Includes
  • Access to the live connection call on Zoom
  • The Recording
  • Seasonal Postpartum Guide PDF 
Or, Join us on Patreon for $5 for access to these calls PLUS a library of PDFs,
bonus podcast episodes, and e-books!
3rd Monday of Every Month New Beginnings Resale Shop 126 E Aurora St, Ironwood MI.png
Hosted by Lynnea Laessig and local nonprofit organization New Beginnings, these monthly workshops are here to help you discover your truest desires while supporting you with information you'll need to make informed decisons that feel right to you.  
We're Talking:
  • Models of Birth Care & How to Choose a Supportive Provider
  • Mind & Body Tools for an Undisturbed, Vaginal Birth
  • How to Prepare Your Mind, Body, and Home for Postpartum 
  • Simple, Yet Impactful Practices to Aide You After Birth
  • Common Fears, Concerns, and Obstacles Women Experience
  • Breastfeeding Basics: Everything You Need to for a Strong Foundation
  • How, When and Where to Seek Quality Support 

Each Event Includes
  • Access to the live workshop and intimate Q&A with Lynnea
  • Baby Bucks, through the Earn to Learn Program (Double when you bring a support person)
  • Free material aid, courtesy of New Beginnings

Lynnea Laessig

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New Beginnings Pregnancy Support Services
Ironwood, Michigan

Learn Postpartum Massage at Home (1).png
Join Lynnea Laessig at Earth & Sky Day Spa in Ironwood, MI for a workshop on traditional Ayurvedic postpartum massage!
We Will Cover:
  • What is Ayurvedic Abhyanga massage?
  • Benefits of postpartum massage for You and your baby
  • Setting up your home spa
  • How to give yourself abhyanga massage at home
  • Insights to infant abhyanga massage

You Get:
  • Access to the live workshop with Lynnea
  • A soothing, mother-centered atmosphere
  • Tea & Water will be served, courtesy of Earth & Sky Day Spa
You'll Need:
  • A floor/yoga mat (optional)
  • A light snack (optional)
  • Pre-Crawling babies are welcome! (Lap Babies/ Babies in Arms)
  • Admission: Tips/Donations are always appreciated. 
Lynnea Laessig  

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Earth & Sky Day Spa
719 Douglas Blvd., Ironwood, Michigan


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In Case You Missed It. . . 


Reclaiming the Village with Neena Brunngraeber

Mothers, we've heard your calls for better postpartum care. We've seen you carry the weight of a village, knowing you were never meant to do it alone. It's time to say yes to the nourishing postpartum care that meets the demands of your whole being, and it begins with reclaiming your village.


Rediscover holistically nourishing motherbaby- centered postpartum care. In this prerecorded workshop, Neena & Lynnea walk with you through the intrsospective work that activates extrinsic supports for you and your family.

This digital bundle includes:

  • Pre-recorded, paradigm-shifting workshop,  exploring  the wisdom of multicultural postpartum care

  •  Interactive companion guide (PDF instant download) to support you now and later as you ignite your inner fire, gain clarity on your needs, and activate your resources

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