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3 Benefits of Abhyanga

Updated: May 20, 2021

Abhyanga is a beautiful form of daily intentional massage touch, working from head to toe, or as I like to call it "crown-to-sole." Used as part of Ayurvedic health , Abhyanga uses warm sneha, which is the Sanskrit word for both "oil" and "love."

Abhyanga can be performed on yourself, or with help from a partner or professional. Both forms of this deeply nourishing massage offer ample health benefits, and are delicious integrations for the mother and baby during the sacred window after birth. This practice can be fit into your daily routine with just a spare 15 minutes, and is a beautiful way to smooth connection, calm your mind and body, revitalize, and sink into your innate wisdom.

Lets Take a Closer Look:


Abhyanga is calming and nourishing moisuture for the skin. The warm, gentle stimulation promotes circulation of blood and lymph to aide healing and move out toxins and encourage the assimilation of undigested matter. Performed slowly and intentionally with warm, pure oil, abhyanga helps the body enter a state of rest so that the recipient can indulge and rejuvenate in a well-earned moment of deep parasympathetic relaxation.


Abhyanga encourages full embodiment. This helps the mind slowwww dowwwn and rest while stagnant energy and emotions are released from the body's tissues and into the open for witnessing and release. A dimly lit, refreshing ambience optimizes the mind's unwinding, surrender, and openness to the pleasure of the present moment.


Whether done head-to-toe, or head-to-shoulders, Abhyanga creates an energetic container to help ground your energy and protect you from the energy of others. If you are receiving abyhanga from a postpartum practitioner, friend, or partner, they may be able to coregulate your energetic fields, channeling peace and stability into your personal electromagnetic space. Abyhanga helps hold your aura closer to your body, increasing your energetic threshold for the things that matter most: taking care of you and your baby in this very special, very sacred time.




  • Choosing Oils for Your Postpartum Abhyanga

  • Incorporating Abhyanga into your Postpartum Routine & Including the Whole Family

  • Performing Abhyanga on Yourself

  • Performing Abhyanga on Your Baby

  • When Not to Perform Abhyanga

  • Post-Abhyanga Clean-Up & Safety



Lynnea is a 2020 graduate of the Center for Sacred Window Studies, having aquired 200 hours of foundational studies on the topics of Ayurveda, Postpartum Care Foundations, Cooking for Postpartum, and Ayurvedic Touch for Postpartum. Lynnea is a lifelong student of nature, having spent much time outside in the beautiful Upper Michigan, consciously connecting with the elements.

Lynnea is also a nurse, mother, and intuitive healer.

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