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Top 5 Breastfeeding Questions | Answered

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

I’ve supported breastfeeding moms for 5 years. Most of them with newborns, but some with older babies too. We talk about positioning, spit up, rest, diet, baby led feeding, and how incredible these moms are doing even when they’re doubting themselves.

I’ve personally breastfed 2 children of my own to term, used formula with one and went back to breastfeeding exclusively at 6 months (that’s a whole story of its own), fed 3 other babies with my milk, tandem nursed babies and a baby + toddler.

Through all of this, the questions that new and pregnant moms have for me bring me back to some of the questions I had as a new mom.

It seems we tend to think alike when it comes to providing for our littles. 🤍

#1 Will I Have Enough Milk?

Long story short, it is very unlikely that you will not produce enough milk for your baby. The bigger issue when addressing this very common question, is that due to the understandable concern for our babies health, paired with the mass socialization of distrusting women's bodies, that many women believe they do not produce enough milk and begin to use formula when everything was actually fine! That said, there are some reassuring signs you can watch for, including that your baby is growing and has a healthy diaper output.

#2 What Supplies Will I Need?

The only supplies truly necessary for breastfeeding is your breast and your baby. Depending on your unique lifestyle and preferences, you may wish to invest in things for feeding expressed milk (like a pump & bottles), supporting your comfort (like a nursing pillow or specialty clothing), and additional social support (like a lactation consultant or postpartum doula).

#3 How Do I Get My Baby to Latch Well?

This is a fantastic question! Ensuring your understanding of a good latch will help breastfeeding feel much smoother for you and for your baby, decreasing the liklihood that you will self-sabotage out of fear. The key to a good latch is to encourage your baby to open their mouth nice and wide, then allow your baby to latch onto your breast (not your nipple), so that the nipple is toward the back of their mouth. If this feels like a struggle and you are still practicing, a laid-back position with your baby belly-to-belly on you can help you out.

#4 What If I Struggle?

Breastfeeding comes easily for some, but there are definately mamababy duos who need additional support, at least from time to time. The struggles that come with breastfeeding can be related to nursing itself, or moreso due to a mother's unmet physical and emotional needs in the throes of motherhood. This is why having a village is so important- even if your village is 2-3 people you can consistently rely on to honor and love you. If you are finding yourself struggling, please reach out to someone you trust. I offer 30 minute consultations so that moms have an opportunity to check in, ask questions, and get clear on what they want or need. These sessions are virtual, so that you can utilize them even if we live far apart. You are not alone.

#5 How Can I Prepare for a Good Breastfeeding Experience?

Breastfeeding is like birth: 90% of the marathon is mental, and the other 10% is something the body knows how to do on it's own. However, there are some things you can do to help optimize your breastfeeding journey before it even begins, and the biggest player is to allow your birth hormones to unfold as undisturbed as possible in a space that you feel safe and trusted. This will naturally flow into a spontaneously first latch during your golden hour, and into the rest of your breastfeeding journey from there.


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