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A fertility guide that is simple enough for beginners, yet versatile enough to continuously return to as you develop your body literacy practice.


This book teaches you about the physiology of your fertility cycle while guiding you to embrace your unmatchable expertise of your own body & encouraging you to explore your wise womb connection to the world around you.


Whats Inside: 


  • Tuning in to Fertility Liberation & Acclimating to your Internal Authority


  • Your Reproductive Anatomy & Physiology


  • Observing and Embodying the Phases of your Cycle


  • Tracking your Fertility Cycle:
    • What are your Options
    • Getting Started, and
    • What to Do (& How to Grow) with your Discoveries


  • Harnessing the Power of Your Cycle:
    • Connection with the Elements & Divine Archetypes
    • Syncing Cycles with the Moon & Optimizing Energetic Healing through your Cycle
    • Cultivating Women Centered Community & Reverence for your Moontime Journey
    • Unleasing the Sacred Ancestral Wisdom within You.





Lynnea Laessig is a mother and intuitive healer passionate about providing down-to-earth woman-centered support. Originally trained as a registered nurse, Lynnea now channels her energy into supporting women in reconnecting with themselves and their intuition. 



Healing Birth, LLC

A Beginner's Guide to Fertility Awareness by Lynnea Laessig

    • 46 Pages - Printer Friendly - PDF Download
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