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Are you ready to Reclaim Your Village? 

This guide answers some of the most important questions you can ask about how to get started:  

  • What does postpartum care look like under each model of care & provider type?
  • What is the mamababy dyad?
  • What are the 5 pillars of traditional postpartum care?
  • How can you honor both ritual and fluidity in your sacred postpartum window?
  • How can you support your individual needs moment by moment with simplicity?
  • What types of resources can best support you on your terms and where can you find them?


Written by postpartum doulas Lynnea Laessig and Neena Brunnegraeber, this guide considers unique obstacles faced by women and families in rural communities like ours. 


PDF Instant Download

Pages: 5

Does not include Reclaiming the Village recorded workshop. 


Created for Healing Birth, LLC

Reclaiming the Village Expansion Guide

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