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Mothers, we've heard your calls for better postpartum care. We've seen you carry the weight of a village, knowing you were never meant to do it alone.

It's time to say yes to the nourishing postpartum care that meets the demands of your whole being, and it begins with reclaiming your village.


Rediscover holistically nourishing motherbaby- centered postpartum care. In this prerecorded workshop, Neena & Lynnea walk with you through the intrsospective work that activates extrinsic supports for you and your family.

This digital bundle includes:

🔥Pre-recorded, paradigm-shifting workshop,  exploring  the wisdom of multicultural postpartum care

🔥 Interactive companion guide (PDF instant download) to support you now and later as you ignite your inner fire, gain clarity on your needs, and activate your resources



Healing Birth, LLC

Reclaiming the Village with Neena Brunngraeber

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