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Wise elder Maha AL Musa is an international birthkeeper,  teacher of 24 years, and passionate about embodying birth as a holy rite of passage.


In this 90 minute, pre-recorded webinar, Maha shares her wisdom of birth addressing birth trauma as a psycho spiritual and somatic experience -- an event which is inherently opportunistic for the deepest levels of healing when left to unfold without disturbance.


Maha will bring us on a journey from our intellectual bodies into our intuitive selves, where we may access and release constriction held within our cells. Maha will introduce us to her process of Somatic Birth Mapping, and welcome us to the gates of Spiritual Freedom through intuitive decision making, self compassion, and acceptance of what is.


Connect with Maha on Instagram @maha_al_musa


Healing Birth, LLC

The Birth Healer Within with Maha Al Musa

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