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Say "YES" to Nourishing Postpartum Care

Online Workshop with Neena Brunngraeber, Great North Postpartum
July 16 2022   |   6 PM CST

The Problem

Proud Parents

Postpartum care begins at birth - and for 99% of American births, that means detached, cold, outdated medical standards that oppose birth's biological design.

Maternal-infant health stats in the US show us this that this model of care needs reform. Mothers tell us this fast-paced industrial initiation into parenthood is not meeting their physical, emotional, or psychosocial needs, and directly impacts the wellness of her and her family.

For millenia, women received the time-tested care of a village - family, friends and community members who recognized the sanctity of birth and the high demands of early mothering - and worked together to provide the postpartum mother with the 5 key elements of mothercare.

Modern changes in the typical family lifestyle has inpacted the demand and understanding of the village's roles during the sacred window after birth, but it's time to say yes to better care - and that begins now with reclaiming the postpartum village you and all mothers deserve. 


The Solution

We warmly welcome you to join us with Neena Brunngraeber of Great North Postpartum to explore holistic postpartum care from a multicultural approach, reclaim the postpartum care you truly crave, and take the first steps toward activating your personal village. 

Mothers are the core of every society.
What we offer to mothers pours into the life around her tenfold. 
When Mothers Thrive, We All Thrive.


The Experience

In this live online workshop, Neena and Lynnea will be guiding you into your intuitive body, excavating the deep truths within you - and helping you transform your upcoming sacred postpartum window into one that holistically nourishes your core (on your terms).

We are lighting the torch for you to step into a version of yourself that recognizes the worth of mothers worldwide and reclaims postpartum care practices that honor you. This is reform that heals generations of depletion.


Your $30 Investment Includes:

Access to the live workshop, where you will build a strong foundation for actionable steps toward the postpartum care you deserve
Live Q & A , for intimate support and exploration with Neena, Lynnea & Diana

The Recording of the entire event, sent directly to your inbox

A companion guide to help you gain clarity, bring movement to stagnant energy, and aide you in taking action that suits your unique goals

Opportunities for private support and longlasting community


Meet Neena

RECLAIMING (2)_edited.jpg

Neena Brunngraeber
Owner & Postpartum Doula

Neena is a nurturing postpartum doula nestled in the heart of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. She is passionate about holistic women-centered multicultural approach to postpartum care - one that leaves the mother deeply nourished from the inside out and well supported in all aspects of her life.

We also love Neena for her loving approach to calling out toxic maternity care practices and laying a compassionate foundation for reform. 

Connect with Neena on Instagram at @greatnorthpostpartum

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