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Healing Birth, LLC. Diana Forsell Tayan. Lynnea Laessig. Birthkeeping & Birth Trauma Support. Healing Birth Podcast. Hawaii & Michigan

We are committed to supporting women and mothers through fostering women-centerd community for healing birth trauma.


Our Story

We met in in 2017, while we both had very young children. We clicked instantly - quickly realizing we had mutual passion for supporting other mothers who were in the throes of postpartum and who wanted to welcome inner peace around their birth stories - no matter how these stories were written and experienced.


Of course, one of the world's best medicines is story-telling. 

Meet Diana
Diana Forsell Tayan. Healing Birth. Kauaii Hawaii. Birthkeeper
Meet Lynnea

Meet Lynnea

Lynnea Laessig, Birthkeeper & Postpartum Doula. Healing Birth. Wakefield MI.

I am a mother of two boys, and live on the island of Kauai, Hawaii. 


The birth of my first child was a deeply traumatic one, that ultimately ended in a surgical birth. After that birth, I spent the first year postpartum struggling with PTSD and depression. I couldn’t wrap my head around why I couldn’t birth my baby. On a deep level, I felt that my body was broken. 


I asked myself, what was wrong with me? I had trusted the process, I had done “all the things,” and I had read all the books.


After becoming pregnant with my second baby, I was on a healing quest. Determined not to repeat the same experience, I found my way to have a beautiful, autonomous birth at home, in my own bed, after a c-section. 


I even caught my own baby. 


Turns out, my body was not at all broken. And I believe the same is true for you. 


I have deep empathy for any woman who has had a traumatic birth, feels conflicted about it, or simply has feelings that need to be resolved around her birth. I am especially passionate about serving VBAC (Vaginal Birth After C-section) mothers, and mothers who would like their next birth to be different from the last one. Having navigated a maternal care system in a state where VBAC delivery options are limited, I can provide practical advice and guidance. 


I have trained with Birthing From Within as a Birth Story Listening facilitator.


Most of all, I believe that it is every woman’s right to emerge from her birth process feeling her power, bonded to her baby, and supported by those around her.  

I live and play in the western Upper Peninsula of Michigan where I mother my two children. l've always held beliefs about birth and the power of humankind that opposed the culture around me.


This isn't a characteristic I openly welcomed until I became a mother myself. 

My passion to serve as a healer to women was amplified when I navigated nursing school to find the stark contrast in the way the medical system approached clients in comparison to my own values. I began advocacy work after my own traumatic birth experience with my first child within that system, as I self-healed that trauma and organically found my place in serving other women walking a similar path. 

My second pregnancy was a catalyst for me to heal and reclaim my power. I did not ever imagine transformation could happen so quickly and irreversibly. Each milestone in my motherhood journey has deepened my connection to myself and has helped me embrace my inner wisdom unapologetically.

I wish this for you too, friend. 

I have since enjoyed several trainings on the topics of reproductive sovereignty, physiologic birth, and sacred postpartum. I am a Ayurvedic Postpartum Caregiver, certified through the Center for Sacred Window Studies. 

I offer mother-centered virtual and in-home services for pregnant and postpartum women that  prioritizes their desires and inner wisdom, and women's circles in Gogebic County, Michigan.

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