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Lynnea Laessig, Birthkeeper & Doula. Wakefield, MI. Healing Birth. Postpartum Care, Birth & Motherhood Support.


Birth & Motherhood Support

Hi, I'm Lynnea!
Mothers have a deep knowing and desire of universal connection.
It's in our bones. Your bones.

For millenia, women have been upheld by a community of wise women.
As our culture continues to shift, the calling to this support can still be felt.

I am here to continuously witness your unfolding journey, 
center you, and guide you home to your innate spirit.

My offering to you is a reflection and resurrection of ancient postpartum care practices around the globe, united by the same fundamental rituals of warmth, seclusion, food, and love.  I combine western & eastern modalities with intuitive wisdom to offer you individualized care that overflows into your whole family.

Having the time, tools & resources to delegate your usual workload helps you to truly sink into this unique time in your life, and harvest the benefits of the deepest healing. 
Say Yes to the Support You Deserve

I offer virtual pre- & post-natal support to mothers around the world and in-person / in-home support for women local to the beautiful western upper peninsula and northern Wisconsin.

MICHIGAN: Gogebic, Ontonagon, & Iron Counties
WISCONSIN: Iron, Vilas, & Ashland Counties

*Travel fee of $50 applicable to services outside of these counties

All ongoing care packages are designed around YOUR specific needs and values, and begin with booking a consultation. 
Your Mother Care Options

Every Mother deserves quality holistic support throughout her birth & motherhood journey.
I offer flexible options to best align with your personal needs.






 4+ Consecutive Hours

In-Home Support

Includes 1 additional week of text/call support


+ $30/each additional hour

Read More >



Two 90-min Prenatals

1+ weeks (12 hrs) In-Home Family Support 

Ongoing Text/Call Support for 2 additional weeks.


Read More >



Four 90- min Prenatals

6 weeks (42 hrs) In-Home

Family Support

Ongoing Text/Call

Support for +2 weeks.





Design a Care Package that Prioritizes Your Needs, &

Honors Your Birthtime Budget


While pregnancy birth & postpartum always looks the same in many ways, it is also unique to each woman, family, and child. We spend an ample amount of time getting to know each other, creating a solid foundation of trust and understanding to preserve the integrety of your birthtime hormones and recognizing how to best anticipate your unique needs. 

Together, we weave a supportive cocoon for you and your family to rest in. 
How this looks will vary day by day, moment by moment, as your needs evolve

It All Begins With Your Consultation!
Session Breakdown Description.png


Online or In-Person

This is our time to get familiar with each other. It's an opportunity for you to interview me, gain clarity about the care you truly crave, and learn more about your options.

Session Breakdown Description (1).png

Prenatal Sessions

Conception through Birth

Your time to attune to your intuition, expand into your inner universe, and formulate actionable steps that set you up for a deeply nourishing early motherhood experience.

Session Breakdown Description (2).png

Postpartum Care

Birth and Beyond

A combination of birth story integration, mamababy & family care, and practical household support - each postpartum visit is flexible to your ever-evolving needs. 

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