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I Think I Have Birth Trauma. Now What?

If you believe you have birth trauma, you're not alone. Birth trauma is an underground epidemic affecting millions of women, with various root causes. Birth trauma doesn't look any one way: for some it relates to pregnancy or infant loss, for others it may be related to a medical condition, and for many it comes down to the ways other people in their birth space led them to feel unsafe or unrespected.

Left unaddressed, birth trauma ripples out into all aspects of your life. An unintegrated birth story is a potent ingredient in chronic stress, rage, resentment, and negatively impacts the physical body over time. Even so, it is NEVER too late to work with your birth story.

We are here to support you.

What are the signs of birth trauma?

Because birth trauma is a vast subject, the signs of it vary from extreme to subtle. Only you can describe what you are experiencing. Birth trauma can easily be confused with depression, anxiety, "baby blues," sleep deprivation or general stress. It can result in extreme self doubt as a mother, disembodiment, poor sexual health, feeling disconnected from your baby, chronic fatigue, flashbacks, feeling stuck in a state of fear or adrenaline, and more.

Essentially, birth trauma can be categorized as any lasting impressions that your birth experience has on your beliefs, behavior, or sense of connection & safety.

How can I work through my birth trauma?

Just like there's no one thing that causes birth trauma or defines it, there is no one way to work through it. You know you best, where you're at and where you want to go from here.

Many women feel called to talk with a therapist. Many women feel called to do energy healing like reiki. You may also find condolence in creating art or journeling about your birth and how it ties into your motherhood.

At healing birth, we honor the sanctity of birth, while recognizing that it weaves into the larger fabric of your life. We honor your voice, your unique story, and welcome you to speak honestly about your birth & motherhood experience. The Healing Birth Podcast holds a collection of women's stories of healing their own birth trauma, rounded out with sprinkles of holistic expert perspectives. We offer private Birth Story Integration Sessions, where you are free to share your journey: the light, the dark - while being held and witnessed as a sacred being. Together, we create an intentional, individualized space for you to bring peace to your unique story as you step forward into your next chapter.


Lynnea & Diana

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