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Love Me Fiercely

Love me fiercely

As I sink into my darkest depths

Where I lose myself and find my pain

And cry and yell and weep

And rage.

Love me fiercely

As I grieve and mourn and release and cycle back


And deeper

And deeper

Until I find the source of this bleeding.

And hold it.

And name it.

And mother it.

Hold the space for me

To sit with it.

To feel it.

To be IN it.

To be it.

And hear it whisper to me about

The strength I have to heal

To grow and learn

To thrive

Not because I was wounded

But because I recognized it and gave myself love.

Because I named it and gave myself hope.

Because I felt it and gave myself a chance to feel


Patience is hard.

Loving yourself when you feel like a failure is hard.

Mothering your wounded self while mothering the

world around you is hard.

And so I ask you

To love me fiercely.

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