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Why You Should Hire Your Postpartum Doula BEFORE Birth

Wait, aren't postpartum doulas *just* for postpartum? Nope!

Postpartum doulas are unique in that their work focuses on the"end goal" of birth: having a happy, healthy, THRIVING, WELL SUPPORTED mamababy & family. Postpartum doulas stick around after the birth for days to weeks, caring for mothers long after other caregivers have closed their contracts. They have the privelage of witnessing the vulnerable aftermath of the care women and babies experience during pregnancy & birth, listening to sacred birth stories and lovingly guiding women home to themselves.

They offer compassion, freshly cooked food & crisp, clean sheets.

They offer warm bear hugs, hot baths, and help with breastfeeding.

They fold your laundry. They tidy the living room. They restock the bathroom.

& They also help you place stepping stones for your postpartum space - before you even birth your baby.

Here's How:

The Care You Do (or Don't) Receive During Pregnancy & Birth Directly Flows Into Your Postpartum Window.

A postpartum doula sees the connections between your earliest moments and ideas of pregnancy, the care you receive during your pregnancy and birth, and your postpartum window. Your doula can help you explore and understand your care options. She can anticipate your needs while holding space for whatever it is you need in each moment.

Every Person In Your Birth & Postpartum Space is an Intervention.

Having People You Know, Trust & Feel Safe With is Important.

In our western approach to maternity care here in the United States, a woman's life is broken down into categories: preconceptual, pregnant, birth, postpartum, and back to preconceptual. This breakdown often translates to transitions in care providers and mental compartmentalism of your birthtime experiences.

A postpartum doula brings smoothness by being a consistent support for you throughout your entire birthtime continuum, spending ample time getting to know you and your family, and supporting you in cultivating a framework that honors your priorities. Your postpartum doula knows that you know your baby best, and is available to answer any questions that arise in the days and weeks following birth.

Birth & Postpartum Will Happen No Matter What.

Preparing For That Time Brings Smoothness to Your Transition.

Doulas offer emotional, information and practical guidance and support. When you hire your postpartum doula before birth, the foundations of your support can be built before birth, so that they're ready for you when you cross that threshold and step into your fresh motherhood journey. And all that'll be left for you to do is simply receive & mother your babies.


Are You Looking for Postpartum Support?

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