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Winter Gift Guide for the New Moms in Your Life

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

We all have a mother that we love - our own mother, auntie, grandmother, sister or friend. The Winter Solstice season is one of gifting love to one another, as a reminder that none of us are moving through this journey of life alone - that there will always be light on the other side of the darkness, and that we are cherished in all of our seasons. This is a time of celebrating these inner seasons of life, embracing each other, gathering, and honoring the transitions we have moved through, excitedly anticipating all that is yet to come with the upcoming new year.

This post is here to offer inspiration to you as you shop for the wonderful women in your life - the mothers who know these cycles of depth and brightness so well - who transition with the moon and carry the magic of ushering children into this world. This list will be especially helpful if you are shopping for a new mom this year, as I've integrated traditional & Ayurvedic mothercare principles to these time tested gifts that keep on giving well beyond the winter season!

All the Snuggles with Warm Socks, Blankets, & Sweaters.

Items like these balance elevated Vata with soft and warm qualities. Softness soothes the nervous system, aiding relaxation, presence and attunement to the new baby. The warming action supports agni and decreases the hearts workload, increasing circulation and bloodflow to the wombspace.

Sweaters that open in the front are amazing breastfeeding allies, and can be enjoyed indoors & out. Blankets can be used around mamababy during skin to skin time for a little extra warmth. And hats and mittens can be a nice addition to gentle postpartum outings, contributing to a sense of that snuggly postpartum retreat while readjusting to the public world.

Plus, if you live in a cold climate like me, these cozy accessories can be used all year round!

Teas, Spice Blends & Accessories Too!

A hot cup of tea balances elevated Vata with warm and moist qualities. Herbal teas & infusions are amazing ways to stay hydrated while getting the benefits of carefully chosen plant allies - and because they are typically stored dried, they can be enjoyed now and later.

When choosing teas or spice blends for new mamas, you might consider that different plants aid the body in unique ways. Warming spices like chai blends, ginger and cinnamon aid digestion by stoking the digestive fire. Sweet spices like cinnamon, cardamom, clove & star anise build & nourish. Cooling or drying teas like peppermint and sage can increase dryness in the body (use intuitively and stay aware of your body's responses), although peppermint can support the movement of still air through the body.

Of course, tea strainers and a thoughtfully selected teacup or mug are always great additions to any tea lovers collection. Adding a handwritten note will remind her that she is loved by you every time she prepares a steamy cup of tea- contributing to an overall sense of connectedness.

Indulgent Plant Allies for Wellness & Beauty

I am talking intentially created from-the-earth medicine that supports the body inside and out.

Tinctures & elixers can be used to support the physical & energetic body. Nervines & plants with womb-heart affinities are great for the early years of motherhood. Topical products like herb-infused oils and hydrosols are not only nourishing, but can benefit any daily self-care routine. Postpartum steaming is another option that some women love - and a carefully curated blend of herbs be just what a mama is looking for.

Gifts for the Mamababy Dyad

Mom & Baby are one, so why not grant a gift that they can use together?

Rebozo carrier like this one from Baby Topaz can be used for belly support in pregnancy, a wrap top, for postural and pain support during birth, babywearing & belly binding after birth.

Teething Necklaces, nursing pillows, "big ticket items" like a carseat, stroller, or bassinet are amazing supports for the whole family. Alternatively, you could gift funds or a gift certificate for a local mothercare service, like a doula, massage service, or midwife.

Gifts to spark joy & creative expression

Creative expression is an amazing way to process and release emotions & experiences, document important times in a woman's life, and even to just take a moment to let the mind wander freely for a while - all beautiful supports for new mothers who are relearning themselves in the early weeks, months and years following birth. Your loved one might enjoy some simple art supplies that can be used while wearing her baby - watercolor brush pens or a new journal, for example.

And for the mother ready to be inspired by other creators, books and art can be wonderful for learning new ways to connect to her body,strengthen her trust in her intuition, and celebrate her journey as it is written.

Homemade with Love

You can't beat a fresh, homecooked meal. Adapt your favorite existing recipes to accommodate the postpartum cooking principles, or choose a new recipe from a cookbook specially curated for new mothers.

Happy Holidays to You & Yours



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