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The web is saturated with information on all of our favorite topics. This page offers you insight to some of our favorite resources. Here you will also find our free pdf downloads & media links.
Guide to Freebirth Course
A rich, radical Childbirth Education Course, ideal for parents and birthworkers
wanting a deeper understanding of sovereign prenatal care and physiologic birth.
Free Birth Society
Radical Birthkeeper School 
A radical and matriarchal approach to birth work, holding space for wild undisturbed birth and supporting women in their true power.
Free Birth Society
Embody Birth School
A program that embodies the sacred feminine, carrying you down into your body,
acclimating you to your body's language. This program is designed to bring you home to yourself,so that you can be intuitively guided through the spiritual psychosomatic experience of birth & beyond.
Maha Al Musa
Fractal Forest

 An ecoconscious apothecary, intentionally creating organic, wildcrafted Earth medicine on the island of Kauai, Hawaii.
Fractal Forest 

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Bethany Wilde | @bethany.wilde     -   physical & spiritual womb work

Her Holistic Path | @herholisticpath    -   birth support, education & photography

Free PDF Downloads for You

Models of Birth Care

Resource Guide for
Women and Mothers encountering
the world of Birth Care professionals

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Undisturbed Birth/PP Plan

Resource Guide for
Women and Mothers preparing their sacred birth space.

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Local to Lynnea

Resource Guide for
Gogebic County, Michigan

Free PDF - Click Below

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