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Postpartum is a Time of Sacred Integration.

Tune into the deep wisdom of ancestral postpartum care through integrative ritual.

Women have always recognized birth as a rite of passage, an expansive experience that crosses us over a threshold into Motherhood.


In this prerecorded workshop,  you'll learn about the energetics of postpartum descent and the biomarkers your body uses to communicate with you.


You alsoe receive more than 30 simple nourishing rituals to support you as you integrate the initiation of motherhood each time you cross the veil, and reclaim the innate power of your inner matriarch. 


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Every Mother, Every Story, Every Birth
Is Sacred


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One of the most beautiful things about birth is that each one is unique. 

Yes, the timeline or broad strokes of every birth story are similar, but YOUR birth story is about YOU and YOUR BABY, the way you wrote & experienced the story together . . . the way you feel about it . . . and the effects of your story on your lives and relationships. 

You deserve support that is as individual as your experience and that honors you as the core wisdomkeeper.  We are here to support and guide you on your unique path with love as you prepare for an upcoming birth, in your sacred postpartum window after birth, and beyond.

Magic Happens When Women Gather

Healing Birth Private Membership Community. Healing Birth Podcast. Healing Birth Trauma.

Our private membership on Mighty Networks is a place for you to be free, held, and heard by a community of introspective wise women who understand the lived experience of birth trauma & are committed to supporting the journey of collective healing through deep discussion on the topics of all things birth, postpartum, and motherhood. 

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Our shop features webinars, ebooks, and other motivating content on the topics of birth & motherhood.

We've partnered with wise women across the globe to piece together offerings that speak to mothers and birthworkers alike, to bring solace and confidence in your journey as your own authority.


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Explore our favorite resources on the spectrum of birth, mothering and sovereignty,

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