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5 Birth Pages for You to Follow Right Now

The internet can be such a blessing. It allows us to connect with resources all around the world, and build a sense of community that we crave in our physical lives.

The virtual world can also feel overwhelming, overstimulating, and foster a greater sense of distance or isolation. We get it. This online world is saturated with options and opinions.

The beauty is that while the accounts we choose to follow on social media contribute to the our internalized beliefs that we carry with us throughout our daily lives, we also have the opportunity to easily set boundaries around which narratives we choose to ingest.

It is as easy as clicking "follow" or "unfollow."

With the vast array of content available, how do you know which birth pages to follow and which ones to keep out of sight?

This is up to you.

As a general rule, we like to follow pages that inspire us, feel aligned with our values, and offer content that we love to share with you.

On that note, here are some of our favorite Instagram pages:

Birth Uprising | @birthuprising

You might remember Sarah from our Podcast.

She is a fiery wealth of knowledge, passionate about autonomy, childbirth education, and speaking truth about obstetric abuse. Sarah also offers abusolutely beautiful artwork celebrating birth and postpartum on her website.

( I bought two of her prints as soon as she released them and they are proudly displayed in my living room.)

Arielle Martinez | @arielledemartinez

Arielle is one of our favorite Medicine Women. She was a guest on our podcast and blessed us with her wisdom in our Healing the Heart webinar. Be sure to check out her content on essential oil free living, herbal hair care, and her course The Mother's Medicine Cabinet.

Beldam Womancare | @beldamwomancare

Oh my gosh. Laura is such a lovely spirit.

She shares easy-to-digest information on cyclical living, fertility awareness, and shines a gleaming, loving light on body hair positivity for girls and women.

Bethany Wilde | @bethany.wilde

Bethany is an inspirational resource for wombspace connection and pelvic floor health. She is a mother. holistic bodyworker, author of Pelvic Awakening, and a former guest on our podcast.

Her Holistic Path | @herholisticpath

Olivyah offers amazing must-read content on birth and birthkeeping.

Check out her natural birth guides, podcast, and Melanated Birth Workshop.


Hey! Did You Know . . .

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Care Packages are Now Open

The internet is awesome, but lets get real. It can't replace the magic of in-person connection. I am offering flexible care packages for women local Gogebic County, Michigan area + all women virtually, through pregnancy, birth, and the sacred postpartum window.

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