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Body Wisdom is Your Wisdom.

Body sovereignty . . . body wisdom . . . women's bodies, oh my.

There is so much I could say - but what it comes down to is that these things are at risk. Legislation and their brotherly regulating bodies are not hearing what women need, and are actively maintaining oppressive, abusive practices against women - then calling it "healthcare."

As I sit with today's climate, consider the future for my own daughter, and reflect on the medical care practices and governing bodies that my ancestors have experienced as women over the last hundred or so years, there is one key that speaks louder than the rest. The one thing that we need to be doing is joining forces as women to increase body literacy.

This means having conversations that we are conditioned to believe are uncomfortable: body hair, periods, fertility, body shapes, sex, birth, death, and all of the things in between.

At some point in every girl or woman's life, she will wonder "Is my body normal? Am I normal?" The truth is that normal includes so many variations - so many beautiful divergences - that create human kind and human bodies.


Because we live in a world that is so well adept at conforming to wars against women, and because as a young teen who craved to feel at home in my rapidly changing body (& found some sketchy websites along the way... yikes), I am extra excited to share these resources with you!

May they serve you, your daughters, and your mothers well.

Body Wisdom is Your Wisdom.

Beldom Womancare : | @beldamwomancare

Body hair gallery, fertility awareness education for women and girls

Comfortable in my Skin | @comfortableinmyskin

Sex education, sexuality reclamation, vulva & breast gallery

Beautiful Cervix Project:

Cervixes at all stages of the fertility and life cycles

({Bonus}) - also check out the Cervix Celebration over at

Womb Medicine: | @wombmedicine

Period Vitality Quiz, returning the wisdom of women's health to women

Jade Beall Photography: | @jadebeallphotography

Body positive photography celebrating all shapes and seasons of life

Loving yourself is an act of resistance. When you love yourself, you can find love and beauty in all else.

Reclaim what is Yours & Return to Women what belongs to Women.


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A fertility guide that is simple enough for beginners, yet versatile enough to return to as you develop your body literacy practice.

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Illuminous - Conscious Shadow Work Immersion

Get to know yourself - and love yourself - on a deeper level.

In this 5 week immersion we will sink into the biosocial contructs that shape us, and peel back the layers to your ancestral, psychospiritual and astrological roots through elemental play and relationship building with the divine energies within you. This is birth preparation with eternal benefits. Will you join us?

Joining us in Patreon does so much more than support our blog and podcast - it is a connection center for you to access our juiciest content.

This is where we publish bonus podcast episodes, ebooks, exclusive videos, our full resource guide, and where we host monthly women's circles.

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