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Healing with the Elements | Water

Water, the Great Healer.

Cool and Refreshing

Rejuvenating, Sustaining

Cleansing & Clear

Reflective and Introspective

Soothing and Dear.

Like the Water, I am deep and reflective.

We continue on our voyage of healing with the five elements through strengthening our relationships with the unique qualities each element posesses. As we dive into the element of water, keep in mind that this understanding and the practices that follow can (and should be!) intuitive. May the information shared here today serve as inspiration for your unfolding journey.

Water's qualities, or gunas, are cool, moist, liquid, smooth, heavy, stable/ flowing, cloudy, soft, gross, and dull. Water moves the Earth element, and contains the fire element. In our body, water represents our lymph, blood, and other body fluids.

Water's affinity for our sacral chakra (our womb space, not coincidentally) presents as our creativity, intuition, and sensuality. When we are feeling balance in our water element, we are honed into smoothness, fluidity and continuity as we navigate the waterways of life.

When water is in excess, we might experience swelling or bloating, hyperflexibility or lack of groundedness that presents as shapeshifting or mirroring the traits of others rather than being rooted in our authenticity. When water is depleted, we might notice that we feel stagnant, hot, irritable, generally dehydrated or that we lack smoothness and continuity.

Water teaches us to notice our emotions, and to accept those emotions as communication about ourselves and our perceptions of the people and world around us. Water asks us to consider what is beneath the surface while reflecting on what is visible. It teaches us to attune to our somatic intuition - noticing how our body is responding and how our body is speaking to us and guiding us in any given situation.

Mama Luna

Astrologically, the element of water rules the moon. Our natal moon placements tell us about our emotional selves, who we are under the surface. As the moon ebbs in and out of its phases, we ebb and flow with it - perhaps syncing our cycles to bleed with the new moon or with the full moon. (I talk more about that in my fertility guide.) The moon also moves through the twelve signs of the zodiac, persuading us to express the qualities of that zodiac in our emotions, art, intimacy. You can learn about your natal chart here.

Embracing the Water Ally

Waters lubricative qualities balance the elevated vata of birth and of any intense transition. Flowing moves stagnancy, stable balances excess movement. Heavy balances light and can simultaneously help you feel lighter. Smooth balances rough, lubricating our tissues and offering cushion for abrsasive experiences.

The human body is made primarily of water. We lived in water, wombside. We are sustained by water earthside. Water is in the air around us. It flows within us, and flows out of us. Water is life. And so - the ways we connect with the water element are virtually endless. Surrender to the flow and let your water connection practices surface intuitively.

Dancing with the Water Element

Get in the Water

Whether you choose to soak in a bath, bask in some steam, dive into a lake or pool, or dance in the rain - being in the water is nurturing to your body and soul. Feel the lightness and the movement that the water offers.

Drink Up!

Keep your body hydrated to help it operate smoothly, and help your mind flow with ease throughout your day. Staying well watered and mineralized (spring water, coconut water) and tending rough nerves with oatstraw, chamomile, and other cool gentle nervines is a great way to sink into your inner water element.

Love by the Light of the Moon

Take a moment to notice which phase the moon is in, how you feel, and where in your fertility cycle your inner moon lies. If you want to dive deeper, check out which zodiac sign the moon is in on your natal chart, and which sign it is in today. What shifts do you notice throughout this dance.