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Holding On.

I don't feel in control And maybe that's good because I'm not. These emotions are a mind of their own Pulling and pushing in all the wrong (right?) places. I'm just hanging on for the ride Sometimes with one hand, or none And my knees feel weak as I'm forced to surrender And rise into the unknown with as much confidence and agility as I can. The bull can smell your fear, so they say, so best to keep it low key if you can. The problem with that is when you're ready to quit, it's too late. There is no going back, no starting over, And so what can you do but ride. Hang on with anything and everything you can, Admire your strength, breathe when you can, And remember that at the end of all this, a gate will be open. And you can look back and say, Yes. I fucking did that.

XO. Lynnea


Are you looking for support for your upcoming birth?

I offer Birth Time Preparation Sessions, where we sit down to explore your philosophies and goals for birth and postpartum, and work together to illuminate your inner wisdom, identify your existing opportunities, and create a birth space that is supportive to your physoligic blueprint and rejuvenative during your sacred window so that you can be in full power as you ride the waves through the gateway of birth.

Schedule your private 60 minute session here.

Have you already birthed your baby?

The wild matrix of birth can leave us with a lot to process as we acclimate to the roles of motherhood. I offer 90 minute private sessions for you to be held as you tell your birth story, and highlight the details that are foremost on your consciousness so that they can be properly digested and integrated into the larger fabric of your life.

Schedule your Birth Story Integration session here.

All Mothers are Sacred. All Birth is Sacred.

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