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Our Place

I go to a place

Where i give us a chance

To receive each other in our fullness

In love

As I open

And carry you Earthside

But first you, you carry me starside.

I go to a place

Where I talk to you,

Sing to you in quiet grunts and loud roars

As you push me to my limit

Bring me to my brink

Then give me a sweet release

I go to a place

Where your body emerges from mine

Witnessed by my hands

As I pant and let you take your time.

You deserve that.

But that's not the experience we shared so

I go to a place

Where we are undisturbed

And we set aside the what-ifs

The should haves and the didnts

I go to a place

Where we are together

In the in-between

Where we acknowledge the truths

I go to a place

Where I love you indefinitely,

Because I do.

And I know that's reciprocated.

I go to a place

Where we share our story

And we meet each other with love

With forgiveness, and understanding.

Empathy. Compassion. Forgiveness.




I go to a place

Where I can understand I did my best

With what I had, and where I was at internally.

Where this story doesn't define me, or us.

Where I can accept that I am imperfect

And growing.... learning....

And that is something we are doing together.

I go to today.

I go to now.

This is our place

Of ever-changing moments

Full of opportunity

Of choice

Of chance to remember that we. . .

We are one.

We are complementary to one another.

We are loved.

We are whole.

We are in this together.

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