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Rituals for the New Moon

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

The new moon is a time of depth, exploration and release. The cleansing, creative energy brings us realization of our potential. The new moon lives within us, even when the Earth's moon is bright and full. We women experience this energy through the cyclic nature of our reproductive system, particularly during the beginning of each cycle while we bleed. It is most pronounced during our sacred window, the immediate several weeks after birthing, and it is profound in every kayakalpa, or body time, we create for ourselves otherwise.

Our internal new moon, and the dark moon in the sky are both powerful moments for us to dive deep within ourselves in honor of remembering our sacredness, of releasing our hesitations and readying ourselves to receive abundance in a multitude of ways. We are spiritual beings with a unique influence on the world.

These are a few of my irresistable rituals that unfold with the new moon. May they serve you as you come home to yourself and embrace all of the beauty and magnificence that is you.

Introversion: Embodying the Hermit

Our invigorating external environment can be distracting to our attention. The new moon is the perfect time for us to step away from the constant noise, so that we can hear the voice of wisdom coming from within us. This opportunity for us to evaluate ourselves in perception to our world and find clarity on our desires helps us take effective action toward our goals.

Sacral Chakra Attunement

Water moves Earth and contains Fire.

Earth, the element of stability and structure is held within our root chakra. It is the material manifestation of our visions. Earth without adequate water may create stagnant, or "stuck" energy. Fire, burning in our solar plexis chakra, transforms. It is the action piece of the manifestation process and creates our vision. Without containment by water, Fire may become hypervigilant, bringing us desperation to control. Water helps us to surrender and reflect.

I find myself organically attracted to water during times of the dark moon: long quiet baths, submersion in the Great Lakes, watery fruits and vegetables. . . but also drawn to my hips through movement like dance. Our sacral chakra is found in our wombspace: fluid hips mirror the swirling, swaying water.


Our vocals are connected to our pelvis. A prime example is presented in the popular birth affirmation: "Soft jaw, soft cervix." Birthing women sing songs of labor, emitting powerful vibrations through their body and through everyone who bears witness, but this is not limited to birth. Expression through song is an ancient worldwide practice used both ceremonially and leisurely. I invite you to tune into this power, whatever & wherever you choose to sing!

Below is a song that I enjoy, especially during the dark lunar moon and my internal dark moon.

Listen to Born of Water here

Born of Water

Cleansing Powerful

Healing Changing

(I am)

We each hold our own preferences to how we honor cyclic shifts. However you choose to nourish yourself in this time, I send you my love. May you always remember your magic.

~ Lynnea

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