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Healing with the Elements | Fire


Bright & Hot

Gives Warmth, Light, Love.

From in Our Hearts

and Sun above.

Coaxes out our fullest self

Brings Hope & Joy

to all to have.

Fire is hot, unctuous (oily), sharp, light (brilliant), and quick. It is direct. It climbs and seeks. It has the power to consume that what fuels it. It is within you, driving your life and uplifting your spirit.

Like a phoenix rises from the ashes, you too can begin anew.

Fire teaches us the power of embracing transformation. Death & Rebirth. Destruction & Reconstruction. The breaking down of one thing to create something new - much like how we digest our food, or understand and later grow from our experiences. It welcomes us to break down old narratives, perhaps ones that limited us or obscured us from seeing our full potential, then build the next chapter of your life led by your passion.

Fire, affiliated with the solar plexus, warms us, gives us the ability to re-energize and continue on. It is our ability to take action, to give & claim, to rage and love and to confront ourselves and our perceptions. Fire teaches us to harness our desires & passions - and invites us to seek them & own them.

Embracing the fire element is like welcoming a warm hug that says: "You can do this. You can use this. You are ignited with the strength of your ancestors & of your love."

When our Fire element is in balance, we can understand, accept, and transmute our thoughts and experiences well. Fire is transformational - and the transformations in our life happen more smoothly when fire is in balance, due to it's unctuous nature. Fire's sharpness helps us decifer our emotions and formulate quick responses in our ever-changing world.

When our Fire element is aggravated, we might feel hot, dry, irritable, or angry. We may also feel the need to be advantageous or controlling in order to protect ourselves or feel helpful. When our fire element is depleted, it might be harder to understand, accept, or otherwise digest our experiences, which can lead to a sense of being stuck, heavy, or unclear.

Remember that all elements exist within you at all times - meaning that when you are feeling the call to rebalance yourself or call in certain elemental attributes to support you, that they are readily available. The eager fire element offers it's gifts as a newly kindled flame, as an iconic wildfire, and as every state in-between. Let your practice be intuitive and led with love.

Connect With Fire

Act Through Your Passion

Try something new that you've been dreaming of

Initiate one of your deepest desires

Write about the specific outcomes you are ready to receive

Make it Hot

Bask in the sunshine

Lay fireside or enjoy a sauna

Enjoy a warm oil massage

Soak in a salt bath, shower, or hot spring.

Tend Your Agni

Well-cooked foods, served warm

Balancing digestive spices

Recognize the mind-body connection presented through your gut

Make a Spark

Light a Candle

Host a Fire Circle

Cook Over an Open Flame

Walk on Proverbial Coals: Do something you dreamed impossible.


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