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Healing With the Elements | Meet the Elements

The elements are all around us. We interact with them daily - consciously or not - through our work, play, food, and social interactions.

As beings of this Earth, we are a microcosm of the macrocosm. As above, so below. As within, so without. We are constituted of the same things we witness outside of ourselves, in body & mind. And therefore, what we witness of the Elements outside of us, we can also witness within us through our physical relations, our health, relationships, thoughts and overall life.

Ether flows slowly into earth, through the creation and passageway of all other elements.

Ether is connected to esoteric creation. It is the all-witnessing presence of light, wonder and time. Tied to the throat chakra and the season of autumn, you might think of ether in a sense of resonance, sound, and openness or opportunity. Without ether (space), nothing else may exist.

Air is wispy, quick and playful. Cool and refreshing, it is the connective force known as vitality (think breath). Also of the autumn season, air brings movement and change. Air is affiliated with the heart chakra and is associated with fantasy and desire.

Fire is transformative. It both destroys and assimilates - transmutes and heals. Fire is hot, unctuous, and direct - much like the summer season. It is our solar plexus - our actions, our digestion. Fire allows us to assimilate our food and experiences as usable materials so that we may grow.

Water is reflective, cleansing, and nurturing. The human body is made mostly of water - and cannot live for long without it. It is life giving, and cycles not only through us, but in and out of us, and around the world between it's many forms. Affiliated with the sacral chakra, water is our emotional selves and our sexuality - the way we feel, and the ways we express our feelings through our creations. Water is of the seasons winter and spring.

Earth is the physicality of reality - the presence of BEING. Affiliated with the root chakra, earth is our sense of presence and belonging. It is our physical needs: food, shelter, water. It is nourishing to our nervous system as we ground and recenter. Slowing down, practicing patience and trust, and living fully in the bodies we are given.

The elements remain in a continuous dance with one another, present in all things at all times.

I invite you to examine your relationship with the five elements. As you go about your day, notice them around you: that clay vase containing the water that nurtures a bouquet of flowers. The flowers that take up space as they stretch up and outward, welcoming the warmth of the sun so they can transmute air and water into sugar for food.

I encourage you to examine your relationship with the elements within you as well. Notice the times of day you slow down, the moments you connect to the container of your body, the feelings that arise in those moments and the actions you feel called to take. To feel the warmth of your body, the air flowing in and out between you and the world, and consider the space you are willing to take up to live in your full expression.

In Love,



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