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Healing with the Elements | Earth

Earth, the Great Mother.

Ever turning, changing, cycling.

Container of the known and unknown,

holder of life & death,

of renewal and extinction.

Resilient and Strong.

Patient and Loving.

Frutatious and Rich.




Like the Earth, I am patient, resilient, and present.

As you may know, each of the five elements have certain qualities, called gunas in Ayurveda, that describe how we interact with that element, and how that element interacts within the world - and in us! Earth's gunas, are slow, cool, moist, gross (dense), and soft.

When we are feeling in balance with the Earth element, we feel grounded, held, cool-minded, abundant and connected with the present moment. When we are out of balance with Earth, we either especially experiential of her gunas, or out of touch with them. When we understand these qualities, both within us and outside of us, we can better understand our needs and available supports.

Earth teaches us to slow down, to honor ourselves & others beneath the surface. She teaches us patience, compassion, and understanding. She teaches us that we must be nourished to flourish - and that our nourishment comes from many sources.

Feel It:

I invite you to take a moment, feeling the container of your body and your body's relation to your seat or to the floor. Bring your attention downward, noticing the depth of your awareness. Play with this, witnessing how your perception of the external world comes and goes as you sink down into this moment. What is feeling good? Do you notice any resistance, and if so, how would you describe it?

Consider your experience with this exercise and your relationship with the Earth, or the gunas of the Earth element. What comes up for you?

Embracing the Earth Ally

Earth's gentle qualities balance the elevated vata of birth - and of any intense transition. Slow balances quick. Heavy (gross) balances light. Moist balances dry.

Earth holds us. She holds our pain, our grief, our rage, and our joy. She holds us through our hard times and our triumphs. She honors us in our present state, free of judgement, grounding our energy and aids us to be present with her in each moment.

It is hard to sit with the Earth and be anywhere but the present moment.

Connecting with Earth can look infinate ways. While heeding the call from your intuition will bring you the most value, here are some ideas to get to started:

Feel the comfort of the earth's surface.

  • Work with Soil;

  • Walk Barefoot on Natural Ground

  • Speak, or yell, or cry to the earth. She will hear you and hold you.

  • Give to the earth. She will give back.

  • Create ceremony for honoring your body

Consume earthy plants

  • Earthy plants include fresh roots and tubers like yams, potatoes, radishes, beets, carrots, rutabaga, ashwaganda, and ginger root.

  • Sweet herbs & spices like cinnamon, cardamom, fennel.

  • I find that eating with my hands amplifies my own connection with Earth during meals.

Touch Your Body:

  • Being present with the container of your body is wonderful, however you feel called to do this. Bringing your attention to your spine, and especially to your pelvic floor, thighs, legs and feet.

  • Abyhanga massage is an excellent tool that you can use at home, on your own or with support, for you and your baby to reap balancing, healing benefits. Allowing a support person to hold your hands or rub your feet while you share your heart is a lovely alternative.