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Self Reflections | New Moon in Cancer

Cancer, in it's watery goodness is amplified under the new moon tonight.

The new moon is a time of death and rebirth - of releasing, of shedding, and making room for new intentions to grow strong and healthy as the moon begins a new cycle of light.

This cancer season has been surprisingly delightful for me. (As a Virgo who does a pretty solid job creating containers for emotions to fit in. I like to think that having a Scorpio moon helps me with the awareness of that limitation and guides me to sink deeper into what is truly needed.)

Cancer is more surface-friendly than Scorpio - offering being what I call the "Earthiest Water Sign". It provides us with the invitation to witness ourselves intuitively and observe our emotions, our connection to our Wombspace, our creativity, our connection to fluidity and flexibility in our lives and how we interact with the people we share this life with.

But. . . more importantly than how we interact with each other is how receptive we are to ourselves.

How willing we to experience our feelings, to feel our bodies, to honor our inner most sacred version of ourselves.

In fact, earlier today my seven year old daughter (who just happens to be a Cancer rising) served as a gentle breeze that created waves in this very topic.

At dinner my daughter exclaimed that she loved her food "so much that she would eat it even if her belly was already stuffed full."

I was happy to hear the love and excitement in her voice, and of course that she was enjoying dinner.

But, before I responded, I felt a nudge from my inner voice.

It said, "Do you love it [temporary flavor sensations] more than you love your body?"

This brought me into my head, and in a split moment my mind was confronted with photographic flashes of all the times I have either been shamed around food and my body, or that I have felt shame about food and my body.

I sunk back into intuition, trusting it fully, and it nudged again.

"Do you love yourself enough to listen when your body speaks?"

For those curious, I simply smiled and told my girl I was glad she was enjoying her food, and gently reminded her to listen for when her body says "stop." My inner dialouge happened so quickly that when I responded to her, there was no suspicion the vast internal waves happned at all.

I love to believe that our children come to us and through us for a reason - that they are our greatest teachers. My daughter is wonderful at returning my attention to my inner child, my receptivity to joy, and living in allegiance to my truest, most authentic self.

On that note, may these reflections guide you to a place of radical self love and acceptance, so that despite the humanly fears that arise, you feel peacefully aligned with yourself, and comfortable enough to make choices that feel right to you each day - with your intuition as your inner compass and trust in yourself as your guiding force.


If you want a quick read about water signs, here is a lovely article explaining them quite poetically. You can read that here.

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